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RTS Award Winner
RTS Award Winner
The Mustard Motion team come away with an award for their Karma Nirvana animation at the recent Royal Television Society Awards.
RTS Award Winner
Mustard Motion's SCRAPBOOK
Mustard Motion's SCRAPBOOK
Animation studio Mustard Motion chat to us in our latest Interview with an Animator.
Mustard Motion's SCRAPBOOK
Glenfiddich X Yixin
Glenfiddich X Yixin
Yixin Zeng works with Glenfiddich on a limited edition design for 2023.
Glenfiddich X Yixin
Nina is very professional and helpful. She liaised with our artist to produce the result we were after. A pleasure to work with you. Thanks
Tamara Byrnes, Lovatts Media
Having often heard of difficult stories from many illustrators and artists on how their careers were partly formed by bad experiences with various agencies, I feel very lucky and privileged that Consulting Agent Sarah Beetson immediately saw the potential in my work from a handful of images and to have IllustrationX's encouragement and support to confidently develop as a freelance artist. The agency is unique in that they have a personal approach to each artist, providing great guidance whilst also being very professional and fair in liaising with clients on our behalf. The international team’s expertise and innovative manner uphold the agency’s leading position and I couldn’t have found a better home.
Montana Forbes @ illustration
Vicky was wonderful to work with from start to finish. Not only is she talented and enthusiastic about her work, but she also has a great work ethic. She was very responsive throughout the process and was able to hit all of our deadlines while remaining attentive to detail. Highly recommended!
Daniel Gates, 62Above
Fantastic service and illustration! A+ Thank you.
Christian Lickfett, Allergy Cosmos Ltd
IllustrationX and AnimationX have a fantastic team of agents working around the world. They are all great to work with, very trustworthy and enthusiastic. I put my complete trust in them to look after the job. I have been a part of this large family of illustrators for a few years, and feel like my client base has gone from strength to strength. Illustration has given me the chance to work with all ends of the illustration world and given me lots of experience in many different areas! Fantastic Team! Thank you IllustrationX
Hannah Davies @ illustration
I have grown with the agency for over 12yrs and it has to be said the whole experience has been a professional and pleasurable one. From the early days when I first secured representation, they were very tolerant as they nurtured me through the commission process and were always fighting my corner. This patience, personable and professional approach has been maintained throughout my time with the agency. I have always found them reliable, honest and enthusiastic about each commission I have been involved with. And at the risk of sounding a little gorgonzola – the team has become more of a family than just a mere artist/agent relationship.
Stuart Holmes @ illustration
I've had the pleasure of working with Karen Kaller and am always pleased with her response time and advocacy for both the client and the illustrator. I highly recommend her!
Lauraine Gustafson, Classical Academic Press
Working with IllustrationX and AnimationX just gets better and better - and I've been with them for over 20 years so I should know! The team themselves are the perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness and their experience shines through in every aspect of working with them. They work extremely hard at making sure that both clients and illustrators are happy. I feel my own work and creativity have been able to grow and flourish thanks to the many high-calibre clients and varied briefs they have secured for me. They keep me consistently very busy with lovely work - sometimes too much! But they definitely take the headache out of it with their excellent support and working practices. I am proud to be a part of the catalogue of talented, pleasant and enthusiastic artists they attract. For me, Illustration is more than just an agency, it's a connection to the best (and nicest!) people in the industry, right around the world.
Gail Armstrong @ illustration
I joined IllustrationX and AnimationX in 2011 and couldn’t be happier. All of the agents and staff are fantastic and great to work with. They’ve given me the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, most of which I don’t think I would have had the chance to on my own. I’m very honored to be a member of the IllustrationX family and look forward to working with them in the years to come.
Joseph McDermott @ illustration
Love the responsiveness and support!
Scott Pansky
Quincy was absolutely amazing! Everyone loved his work and he was so easy to work with. He's a very cool artist and an even cooler person -- would 100% recommend him for any events. Karen from Illustration X made the process even easier!
Irina Goncharuk, Inworld
Nadia Seo was always very quick to respond and super helpful! She made the process very easy and Hannah Davies delivered some wonderful work which everyone is thrilled with.
Kirstin Lees, Kirstin Lees
what a great experience! karen was super helpful at finding a good match for what the type of illustrator i was looking for! Very professional and efficient and more important, the creative was amazing. Kudos to August Lamm. Thank you and will definitely recommend and come back.
Claudia Barac-Roth, Claudia Barac-Roth
Responsive, professional and reliable! Not to mention incredibly talented artists.
Penny Benatovich, Viewpoint Creative
We absolutely love IllustrationX. There's an artist for every conceivable project, and they're all amazing at what they do. We've never been let down by anyone on their roster. I couldn't recommend this agency enough for the easy commissioning process, excellent communication, and of course the terrific work of their artists.
Ryan Rich, Cape Fear Publishing
When we first stumbled across Butcher Billy’s artwork, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for our comic book series Seven Dead Stars. The variant cover image he crafted blew our minds with the depth of detail and exceptionally expressive artistry. He was a joy to work and communicate with, and went above and beyond to make sure our project turned out amazing!
Unsecret & Form
Very easy to work with. Everything was explained and simple and I like that a lot.
Grace Holloman, Grace Holloman
Great company and excellent talent
David Plafchan, Papa & Barkley
“This experience working with Karen Kaller and Juliette Toma has been amazing. The attention to detail, partnership and promptness is beyond my expectations.”
Juan Lopez, Dave’s Hot Chicken
Working with Lauren was very seamless. She replied very quickly, which was helpful and reassuring while working with my tight deadline. Her efficiency certainly exceeded my expectations.
Cece Pascual, The Washington Post
Excellent professional, very helpful and his work is very good. It will undoubtedly surprise your expectations
Alessandro Ricci , Wonder Burger
The level of talent is amazing and working with Karen is always such a pleasure!
Marcella Accardi-Sanders, Meredith Operations Corporation DBA The Foundry
IllustrationX and AnimationX picked me up as a raw talent and have helped instil a deep understanding of the visual communication industry and client needs whilst leaving my creativity unbridled. A friendlier, more accommodating and professional agency you'll struggle to find. I'm thrilled to be signed to the best in the world.
Tallon Raw @ illustration
IllustrationX has an illustrator for every job. The interaction between client, rep and artist is always easy and professional. My rep, Karen, has always gone above and beyond to help me whenever I bring a project to her.
Gigi Ortwein, SagaCity Media
Being represented by IllustrationX and AnimationX has been truly invaluable to me and my dream of being an Illustrator. As a graduate, they have opened doors for me, so early in my career, that I couldn't possibly have reached without their help and knowledge of the industry. The whole team, all over the world, are professional and friendly in equal measure and have made my transition from student to working professional not only a possibility but a pleasure.
Chris Gilleard @ illustration
Very glad I found you guys!
Ed Davis, The Wedgewood Press
Working with IllustrationX was easy and seamless. Lauren was quick to respond to any questions and made the process of our first time working with an illustrator super easy. Everything went swimmingly! The brief was answered quickly and professionally, the communication flowed fast and seamlessly, everything was done in a timely manner, and our expectations were exceeded.
Kaitlyn Bowen, Michigan Breastfeeding Network
Our accounts person and JP the artist we selected were very professional and quickly remedied a problem with a file when it arose. Ultimately, my managers are very happy with the work and I think our magazine readers will find it inspirational too.
Ashley Schena, The Salvation Army National Corporation
IllustrationX was professional and timely with communication and paperwork to keep the project moving forward. They listened to our needs and worked with us to make sure our partnership was smooth and clear for each person involved. Invoicing was clear and arrived as expected. Aside from the business aspect, Lauren was passionate about the project and it was clear that she wanted it to succeed.
Jeremy Albert, Trendy Minds
"I approached Svetlana with a complex set of goals and requirements for a musical album cover. She listened carefully to all my requests and produced a design that perfectly combined all of the desired elements. In the process, she created a beautiful work of art. It was a pleasure to communicate with Svetlana throughout the project: she responded quickly to my comments and questions and kept me informed about the work as it progressed. The project was completed ahead of schedule, with every detail in its ideal place."
Svetlana Molodchenko @ illustration
IllustrationX and AnimationX have always been a great support to my endeavours as an illustrator, their tireless interest in finding new clients and the best new illustrators means I'm always gifted with good company. And with clients coming from all over the world, new markets and opportunities are always around the corner.
Rohan Eason @ illustration
Such a great assortment of illustrators from all over the world! And a great team of reps right across the globe! ‘IllustrationX’ is truly international. The website is always fresh and informative. I really like the Scrapbooks. They are wonderful. For me, as an illustrator in the ‘team’ I can really focus on being creative and leave all the other business in their safe hands. From Stacey in the US to Amary in China it has always been a great delight to work with ‘IllustrationX’.
Christopher Corr @ illustration
We love working with Karen and every illustator who creates beautiful work for us!
Tad Barker, Meredith Operations Corporation DBA The Foundry
Working with Illustration (USA) and Lauren gave me peace of mind that emails wouldn’t be overlooked and paperwork would be signed and returned to me in a timely manner. It provided an extra layer of efficient communication and transparency, which always helps to take pressure off commissioned projects.
Lyanne Nativdad, Billboard Magazine
IllustrationX makes it easy. I had never worked with an agency before and they helped me pick an option that perfectly suited my needs.
Jake Prince, Elevos
It was great to work with you guys! Zero complaints. I thought all our transactions were seamless and straightforward. Everything was very organized and professional. I would recommend working with you and Juliette to any of my musician friends looking for the artwork!
Henry Hall, Henry Hall Music
Very easy communication, delighted with the final illustration and all the updates along the way!
Sam Scarpa
Working with Lauren and the IllustrationX agency ran very smoothly. Responses to any questions were given in a timely manner which was very helpful during deadline driven project.
Farjana Yasmin, Penguin Random House
Working with you and your agency has been a great pleasure. You always answer super prompt and keep the process and communication under the control and I have felt your strong support in every step. Paperwork was prepared accurately and reliably.
Maris Vilu, Koor EU
I have had the pleasure of working with IllustrationX and AnimationX for several years now, and it's been a joy! Always friendly and professional, they have provided me with great work and clientele, from the UK and USA especially. I feel as though I'm in good hands!
Lauren Mortimer @ illustration
The whole team is highly professional and extremely friendly, which is a great bonus. They are a pleasure to work with as they are swift with communication, and provide informative briefs and regular promotional support. I have already worked on some dream commissions that I couldn't have achieved without the team. It's an honour to be represented by IllustrationX and AnimationX and be amongst the best illustrators.
Chrissy Lau @ illustration
This is the first time we've working with a creative agency for artwork. Working with Lauren and IllustrationX was a smooth process, and I appreciate that they handle the details so the artists can focus on what they do best. This was more of an investment than our typical freelance engagements, and it was 1000% worth it.
Sara Kablack, Janitza


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Every time you commission one of our illustrators or animators, you are not only benefitting from outstanding artistic and creative talent; you’re also helping to create a healthier planet and to alleviate global poverty.

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