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Frank Scherbarth

Frank Scherbarth - Germany based illustrator

QUESTION: What drew you to illustration/design? FRANK: It just worked out that way during my studies. (See Nr. 2) QUESTION: Do you have any formal design training? FRANK: I studied art in Hamburg and earned some money at the same time with illustrating menues. A friend put me into contact with an advertising agency who was looking for a layouter- back in the 80s that was somebody like a drawing graphic designer. I got that job and went freelance from there. QUESTION: Where do you live? FRANK: After 10 years in the very lively quarter "Karoviertel" in Hamburg, I moved to the rather quit Wilhemsburg which has lots of green, lots of water and also industrial charme and port romance. Very nice, but I do miss St. Pauli a lot. QUESTION: How do you get the best ideas? FRANK: I often asked myself what exactly is creativity and where it comes from. I don´t believe in the "spark" of an intuition, but rather think that I unconsciously draw from the images that I have seen so far. It is a matter of recalling the images in my head and to combine and modify them into something new. The result appears as an idea. QUESTION: What technique do you use? FRANK: My technical range is rather wide and I do switch and combine them according to the project. I work rather intuitively than conceptional. That is my limitation more than the technique. I have always been fascinated by analog work.


Fluent in English, Germany

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