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IllustrationX represents many of the world's leading children's literature illustrators and animators, from award-winning established names to fresh, emerging talent, ready to help take your next book for children straight to the best-seller list.

Whether you're working on a children's, young adult or romance fiction book, or an educational or non-fiction book, our experienced agents and artists can help you create the classic children's books of the future, and to animate characters and content for the screen.

Every commission is managed by an agent who knows the children's publishing industry, and has experience of working on children's publishing commissions.


Pan Macmillan's kids books on the formidable F1 stars come to life with Cat Sims' art.
Racing Legends
Anne Wilson works on sample spreads for a novel version of Alice in Wonderland, with a scent.
The Smell of Wonderland
An inspirational tale is warmly illustrated by Martyna Nejman.
The Wounded Turtle
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