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People’s faces light up when they see illustrator Ben Tallon getting messy with a wall mural on location in a retail outlet, at a sporting event or at a product launch. Raw energy and creativity are there before your eyes in living color, expressively applied using brushes, spray cans, marker pens and more.
The authenticity that is key to Ben’s artwork is unveiled through his live event drawing as he helps clients take their audience beyond the sales lines and slogans. The fun and excitement of it generates curiosity and viewers young and old love watching the imagery evolve. It’s inspiring and reminds everyone how good it feels to express yourself.


If the live project is location specific, Ben will scout it out first to identify key points of interest and work out ways of incorporating them into his artwork. He’ll also get an understanding of what his client is looking for and sign off a rough direction, but after that it’s all instinct.


Ben’s dynamism and sense of creative freedom really feed into the performance side of his live event drawing. While it always seems like there’s little room for error when painting live, the paradox is that Ben’s style thrives on imperfections and happy accidents – they’re what make it human and unique.

Client list

Ben has drawn live at the British Embassy in Minsk and G-Star Raw outlets around the country, as well as for clients including Landmark, The Premier League, Two Up Digital and Havas Lynx.
Want to discuss a commission?
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Artist in Residency at WF Central.
Ben Tallon spends five days as Artist in Residence at Beijing's premium lifestyle retail centre.
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Shortlisted for the WIA Awards 2018!
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We Come Apart
The front cover of Bloomsbury's 'We Come Apart' is illustrated by Ben Tallon.
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This spirited artwork for Aurelio Martinez's 30th anniversary album 'Darandi' has been created by Ben Tallon.
Man City Vs Spurs
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Ben Tallon jumps on a train with Liz Atkin and witnesses her live action sketches.
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London based graphic designer, art director and illustrator Gordon Reid (Middle Boop), joins Ben Tallon to discuss the dual sciences of specialist creative style and versatility.
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Ben Tallon is joined by Designers Block ahead of their events at the 2016 London Design Festival.
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One year on from her first appearance on Arrest All Mimics, Miss Led talks again to Ben Tallon.
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Ben Tallon is joined by the illustrator and designer to discuss the release of his debut artist book, the wonderful post-apocalyptic illustrated 'Tribe Hunters'.
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Ben Tallon chats with Jane about celebrating inspiring women through creativity in her recent exhibition, 'Women In Print.'
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Ben Tallon spent some time chatting to young freelancer Liam about illustration and life as a primary school freelancer.
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Ben Tallon talks to Live Illustration London about the launch of their new collective
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Graduation
Ben Tallon makes a graduation special - talking to a variety of students and lecturers on their fears, hopes and dreams!
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Seaside Creative Regeneration
Ben Tallon travels to the English coast and chats to the artists involved in regenerating the area.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Peter O'Toole
Designer & Illustrator Peter O'Toole gives an honest account of his career as he talks to Ben Tallon in Episode 30 of the fabulous podcast.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Adrian Shaughnessy
The legendary designer chats to Ben Tallon in Episode 29 of the creative arts podcast.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: With Shaz from Addatif
Shaz joins Ben Tallon to discuss her creative workshops at youth centres, Ravensbourne College, National Art & Design Saturday Club and her upcoming workshop, 'Inclusion.'
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - The Creative Introvert
Ben Tallon meets with Cat Rose - founder of The Creative Introvert platform.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: With Rod Hunt
Episode 26 of the popular creative podcast sees Ben Tallon chat with one of the Kings of illustration; Rod Hunt.
Lend Me Your Ear
Ben Tallon feels the spirit of the festival season with this collaborative project.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Human After All
Ben Tallon chats with 'Human After All' - a creative agency with a strong and forward thinking creative identity.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - The Bear Who Stared
Ben Tallon talks to Duncan Beedie about his latest book The Bear Who Stared.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Crafty Fox
Ben Tallon talks to Sinead Koehler; founder of the Crafty Fox Market.
Ben Tallon art directs, designs and creates the artwork for Hyena Kill's debut album.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: A Music Special
Ben Tallon invites Manchester based hard-rock two piece The Hyena Kill and electronic musician, producer and DJ, Dirty Freud over a two-part special on creative identity in new music.
A Left-Handed England Squad
Ben Tallon takes time to loosen up his drawing with some lively left-handed portraits of the possible Euro 2016 squad.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Caroline Hands
In Episode 21, Caroline takes Ben Tallon through a fascinating career as an artist & painter in China, London, rural England and many other places.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast - D&AD
At the recent 2016 D&AD festival, Ben Tallon talks to it's president Andy Sandoz.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Mark Ashmore
Ben Tallon meets with head of Future Artists, Mark Ashmore in Episode 18 of AAM.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: A Career in Fashion
Ben Tallon enjoys the company of Jacqueline Bissett and Victoria Pearce in Episode 17 of the popular podcast.
Reebok History
Ben Tallon paints live at an exhibition celebrating the history of the Reebok Classic shoe.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: When Saturday Comes
Episode 16 is live! Listen to Ben Tallon talk to the Art Editor of one of Britain's best loved football magazines.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Marius Bugge
Ben Tallon meets New York photographer Marius Bugge in Episode 15 of the Arrest All Mimics podcast.
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In Episode 14 of AAM, Ben Tallon talks with Eden Orfanos about her work in Hollywood as a make-up artist and her journey into Art Therapy.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Angus Montgomery
Episode 13 of the creative podcast sees Ben Tallon talk to Design Week Editor Angus Montgomery.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Sarah Beetson
In episode 12 of the Arrest All Mimics podcast, Ben Tallon talks to the Rainbow Crusader - Sarah Beetson.
Creative Agency of the Year!
A well deserved award for Ben Tallon as he takes home the Creative Agency of the Year title from Dot London's small business awards.
AAM: Ray Richardson
Ben Tallon talks to Ray Richardson - 'the Martin Scorsese of painting.'
Cheers & Jeers
Ben Tallon applies his lettering skills to the TV Guide's front cover.
AAM: David Woods of Humm Media
Ben Tallon's latest guest on Arrest All Mimics is David Woods whose work as an editor in publishing and editorial led him to become one half of Humm Media.
AAM: Sandra Dieckmann
In the latest Arrest All Mimics podcast, Ben Tallon joins German artist, illustrator and maker, Sandra Dieckmann at her fantastic 'Mama Wolf' studio and shop to talk about her popular nature inspired artworks.
AAM: Don Letts
Ben Tallon meets up with cult figure Don Letts.
AAM: It Felt Right
The latest guest on our Arrest All Mimics podcast is Brooklyn based graphic designer, illustrator and production designer, Kyla Paolucci.
Win, Lose, Draw
Ben Tallon will be exhibiting sport themed artworks in support of the Willow Foundation at the end of November.
Arrest All Mimics
Ben Tallon has teamed up with Illustration Ltd to launch a brand new arts podcast, 'Arrest All Mimics.'
The World at his Feet
Ben Tallon creates three illustrations for Jazeera Airways in-flight Magazine.
Two Queens
Ben Tallon creates portraits of past and present Queens for Reader's Digest.
Illustrator Profile - Ben Tallon
Ben Tallon is a mixed-media creative drawing with energetic lines.
Life as a Creative

Coffee Culture
Escapism Magazine features a double page spread by Ben Tallon.
Man City V Arsenal
Champagne and Wax Crayons
New Talent Profile - Tallon Type
Have a look at Tallon Type; a fresh portfolio of hand-painted lettering.
The Crafty Pig
Brazilian Sounds
Britain's Most Stylish
Tea with Ken Garland