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David Catrow's Photo - International cartoon and children's book illustrator. USA

David Catrow is one of America’s best-loved children’s illustrators, cartoonists and concept artists. His Max Spaniel books have sold over one million copies, his syndicated cartoons have appeared in over 1,000 North American newspapers, and he’s worked on the visual development of movies like Horton Hears a Who and Despicable Me.
An artist with a constant need to explore ideas and create new things, he brings enthusiasm, inspiration and experience to each project he tackles. From highly rendered characters and scenes to colorful and zany cartoons, he’s versatile, imaginative and full of humor.


Anything David creates begins with a ‘what if?’ After playing with ideas and concepts – working out if it’s a pea or a planet he’s drawing – he’ll come upon a sparkling moment that gets his pencil or brush moving. He’s driven to get it down on paper and bring it to life. David’s creative muse is a gnarly, comical, evil, painted mask he found in Mexico. It hangs in an honored place on his studio wall, playing to the darker side in his paintings.


David’s style is very personal – he draws in his own, natural way, capturing a feeling for the viewer to experience. His forms are expressive, as he builds up color, depth and detail using intricate pencil strokes and meticulous shading.

Client list

Some of David’s clients include Disney, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Amazon, National Geographic, Scholastic and Clarion.
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