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Kavel Rafferty

With a natural and contemporary style, English illustrator Kavel Rafferty skillfully combines drawings, found imagery, print and paint to create images that connect with audiences at an emotional level. In editorial, publishing, advertising and more, Kavel’s clients enjoy the fresh and individual qualities of her work.
Currently based in Margate, Kent, Kavel spent eight years living and working in Barcelona. She collects record sleeves and loves flea markets, 60s and 70s Soul music, mid-20th century design and vintage signage. At least a few of these influences crop up in her work which spans fashion, food, maps, editorial and hand drawn typography.


The paper and ephemera that Kavel loves to collect often feeds through into her artwork alongside photos she’s taken, painted textures and, of course, the hand drawn focal points of her compositions. She works on finding interesting and unusual colorways, and combines all these elements in her images.


Kavel’s style is modern, friendly, charming and versatile. She often uses rich colors and, where it suits the brief, introduces a hint of nostalgia.

Client list

Kavel’s clients include Vogue, Selfridges, Glamour, The Times, Time Out, Waitrose, The Guardian, Penguin and the BBC.
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