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Mayuko Fujino

Mayuko Fujino is a Japanese paper cut artist with a technique and style that truly is unique. Each form within one of her images is composed of shapes cut from magazine pages, selected for their texture and tone and assembled into something new. Bold, imaginative and colourful, you won’t find another illustrator like her.
Her work is ideal in lifestyle and editorial projects, and features in advertising campaigns and on packaging, garments and even carpet designs. Mayuko creates murals and installations as well. Influences include David Hockney, the Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine and Japanese stencil dying.


Mayuko’s artwork mimics a stencil or a print but instead of blocks of ink she uses cut out pieces of colored paper or photographs to construct unique graphical images. Paying close attention to her use of white space, she perfectly hones color and contrast to control the overall atmosphere of the piece.


The style imputed to her images very much comes down to the shapes and colors she uses. Nature – including plants, flowers and birds – often comes to the fore and with their organic curves her images have a decorative feel to them. She creates whimsical characters, and abstract or psychological stories that take place in imaginary worlds.

Client list

Some of Mayuko’s clients include McDonald’s, Nokia, Panasonic, NYC Department of Transport, Asahi newspaper and WFMU Radio.
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