Sports watch basketball

Here is a short animation clip of a dunk scene. I am planning to do a series of different clips from different sports. This is a spec work that makes this whole sequence like a trailer for a sports show named "Sports Watch"

About Marvin
Based in the Filipino city of Davao, Marvin Te is an animator who specialises in creating colourful motion graphics that instantly communicate a message to viewers. It’s no surprise that leading technology, finance and educational organisations have turned to him to find simple ways of communicating what are often complex subjects. Like many in his field, Marvin’s obsession with animation began when he was a child. Once Disney films had got him hooked, he later came to enjoy the look and feel of animé. He grew up teaching himself how to animate through reading books, following online courses and tutorials, and constantly observing the works of others. Today he could be writing the tutorials himself. Some of his influences include Studio Ghibli, Buck and Giant Ant.
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