Illustration: Anton Hallmann Animation: RIno Pelli

About Rino
QUESTION: What drew you to illustration/design? RINO: This became quite obvious at a very early age, when I wouldn´t stop drawing dinosaurs. QUESTION: Do you have any formal training in illustration? RINO: Not really, but I studied animation design. Besides the drawing, it included also cinematic elements like storyboard, layout and cutting and fostered the grasp of dynamic and expressive poses. QUESTION: Where do you live? RINO: In Hamburg! For almost 12 years now! QUESTION: Can you describe your studio for me? RINO: I share a studio with 6 fantastic illustrators and a cameraman. QUESTION: How do you get the best ideas? RINO: Actually, thinking, fantasising and roughly doodling works really well. QUESTION: Who or what is your biggest inspiration? RINO: Abolutely anything really. Often it´s the little things of everyday life that I write down in order not to forget them too fast again. QUESTION: What technique do you use? RINO: The analog sketches I like to do with pencil and polychromos and finalise them with fineliner and pen. Analog drawing on the screen I like to do in all kinds of techniques, in case it fails it´s easily reversible. QUESTION: Tell us about a favourite project you have recently completed. RINO: Music videos are always a great project, because you can run wild creatively and animation on music has a great effect. QUESTION: What would be your dream job/commission? RINO: A highly official record cover would be really, really great! QUESTION: Who are your illustration heroes? RINO: I have a lot of heroes: Mignola for shadows and stylisation, Eliza Ivanova for the stroke, Bill Bragg for colors. QUESTION: Do you keep a sketch book? RINO: Yes, I have a lot which I like so much when they are untouched, that I hardly dare to draw into them. In that case a notebook helps, because they are not as nice and easier to deface. QUESTION: What are your hobbies? RINO: I like to go hiking besides the drawing. QUESTION: If you were not an illustrator, what would you be? RINO: Probably I would be a trainer for otters or something alike. QUESTION: Who would you like to meet? RINO: Having one or two beer with Guillermo del Toro would be pretty cool! QUESTION: If you could travel back in time, where would you go to? RINO: No question- dinosaurs. Only to finally see what they actually looked like. QUESTION: What kind of music do you listen to? RINO: „Athmospheric noise“- I think describes pretty much what I like best. The best of all bands is Black Sabbath! QUESTION: If you won the lottery, would you still work as illustrator? RINO: Yes, of course. Otherwise it would become pretty boring. QUESTION: Do you collect anything? RINO: Books with pretty covers. Sometimes I even have time to read them. QUESTION: Do you have a favourite game? RINO: Super Metroid! Wait! Did you mean other games. Ups- I unveiled my generation.
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