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Adam Larkum

Adam Larkum - International pen & ink illustrator. UK

Illustrator and animator Adam Larkum loves drawing. It’s something he practices every day, constantly coming up with quirky new characters and putting them in all sorts of interesting situations. His unique ability to create engaging characters and settings has led to over 50 illustrated book commissions, in addition to editorial, packaging and animated productions.
Adam studied illustration and animation, and received a BA followed by an MA from the Edinburgh College of Art. As a student he won a competition to create a short film for MOMI and Channel 4, and once his career producing animated commercials was under way, he became an illustrator as well. He has regular columns in the UK and the US.


Adam draws instinctively and always looks for ways to improve his technique and new things to try. He believes every commission should start with a pencil in one hand and an eraser in the other, and is never afraid to erase whole areas of a drawing if they aren’t right. He loves working in ink on paper and then shifting into Photoshop to bring the piece together.


Charmingly designed characters that seem to have a real sense of curiosity about them are at the center of Adam’s work, which is lively and active, and usually has a soft and approachable color palette.

Client list

Adam’s clients include Puffin, The Telegraph, Oxford University Press, Woodmansterne, Zugguart, Danone, The V&A, Channel 4, English Heritage, Taylor’s Port and more.
So awesome, this is perfect! Amazing work Adam.
Reilly Smith , WIFI Metropolis
Congratulations on publication and thank you for your phenomenal hard work – it was a joy to work with you and the book is brilliant.
Anna Barnes Robinson, Puffin Books UK
Adam’s illustrations have a warm personality and a natural knack for humor. He’s great at taking the concept further and fleshing things out with fun details. He also sent sketches and the final ahead of schedule, which is much appreciated. We’ve worked with him twice at Virginia Living, and hope to commission him again soon!
Ryan Rich, Virginia Living
Adam's a delight to work with, and one of the things we love most about his work is his unique sense of humour, which always comes through in his art. Thanks for your work it does look fantastic.
Joanna Rivard, Ink Robin
We couldn 't be happier with Adam's contribution to Virginia Living! He created an amazing set of spot illustrations for a recurring humor column in our magazine. He was really excited about our concept and sent a great batch of rough drafts. His style matched the tone of the piece perfectly, and the writer reached out to say he loved Adam's illustrations.
Ryan Rich, Virginia Living
Our art director wanted to thank you for always being so easy to work with, and always making such fun illustrations
Ryan Rich, Virginia Living magazine
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