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Agnès Ernoult

Agnès Ernoult - Illustrator for Children's Books, Editorial and Lifestyle. France

Fine ladies in wigs, angry witches and crazy dinosaurs – these are just a few of the characters French illustrator Agnès Ernoult has created for her clients in recent years. Each persona has a unique charm, interesting expressions and little touches of detail you won’t see anywhere else. That’s why her creative style is in demand at a range of children’s book publishers, magazines and more.
Agnès studied for a degree in Illustration at Ecole Pivaut in Nantes for four years, a school she describes as ‘the Hogwarts for future artists.’ After moving to Bristol, she was inspired by the creativity of the Stokes Croft district, and memories of old Disney films and Peter Rabbit stories from her childhood. In fact, she loves anything where animals wear clothes and her wide-ranging imagination shows through in her work


Optimism is at the heart of Agnès’ process as she aims to make each image the best she’s ever created. She explores her subject in sketches and works up a composition, adding in the detail. Then she paints, using her mastery of watercolour effects and inking to create something truly unique for her clients.


Agnès’ painting skills give her work a soft, subtle and delicate look, with little details giving it life. She also offers a looser, punchier cartoon style, great for humorous commissions.

Client list

Agnès has a range of clients including Andros, Musée Jacquemart-André, Ercuis & Raynaud, Hinkler Books, Magnard Jeunesse, Marmaille & Compagnie, Cricket Media.
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