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About Alyana
Alyana Cazalet is an artist & illustrator who draws with a loose and expressive style which is a perfect platform for humour as well as an immediate and intuitive way of capturing people, scenes and settings. A few squiggles of her pen and soon a character has been created that looks ready to share a joke with you.
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Alyana's latest news
The get-real guide to creating calm from chaos is beautifully illustrated by Alyanna Cazlet
Cracking the Menopause
Cracking the Menopause
Alyana Cazalet works with Macmillan to create drawings for a new book by Mariella Frostrup and Alice Smellie on the menopause.
Cracking the Menopause
The Happiest Kids in the World!
The Happiest Kids in the World!
Penguin Books commission Alyana Cazalet to illustrate 'The Happiest Kids in the World - Bringing up Children the Dutch Way'.
The Happiest Kids in the World!
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