Woman planting sunflower seeds during the Corona Pandemic


Client: SESC Avenida Paulista

Illustration created for the reopening of the SESC Avenida Paulista during the Covid Pandemic

About Andressa
Andressa Meissner is a Brazilian illustrator with a bold, colorful and attention-grabbing style, which also feels light and natural with hints of tropical flavor. She’s a flexible artist who embraces the concept behind every brief and clients love the way she finds ways of giving their projects a fresh edge.
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Andressa's latest news
It's 2024!
It's 2024!
Andressa Meissner's calendar for 2024 is inspired by a variety of sports.
It's 2024!
Electric Vertical Takeoff
Electric Vertical Takeoff
Andressa Meissner collaborates with Superinteressante Magazine for an article about the eVTOLS Expectation.
Electric Vertical Takeoff
A Proposal They Can't Refuse
A Proposal They Can't Refuse
Andressa Meissner works on a cover for Natalie Cañas' debut rom-com novel.
A Proposal They Can't Refuse
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