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Aurora - United States based illustrator

Introducing Aurora, the dynamic young Washington DC illustrator whose fun and vibrant style is catching the eye of audiences online and in the real world. Embracing 21st century culture with positivity, Aurora set out to create characters who look like her – something she rarely saw growing up.
Born and raised in the DC area, Aurora graduated from Towson University for Digital Art and Design. Unfortunately, the creative job she was going to fell through due to COVID. Not to be perturbed, she honed her illustrative style, built up a powerful profile on social media and began landing major clients. With a style influenced by animé as well as alternative looks like goth and creepy cute, Aurora has continued her stellar trajectory, representing diversity across her portfolio in a humorous and emotive way. Clients love her consistently impactful artwork, which elevates their campaigns.


Aurora’s process begins with warmup sketches before she commits to a composition. Then she creates the linework before blocking in the colours, using vibrant or pastel shades to hone the mood of the image and ensure that it catches the eye.


Bold and expressive, Aurora’s style is heavily influenced by animé, with a strong emphasis on the eyes and the emotion behind the image. She also has a painterly style to use when appropriate.


2021 – Logitech Creator Incubator

Client list

Aurora’s clients include Adobe, Emilie Heathe, Sendle and Aura Hair Care.
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