Contemporary art of erotic woman

About Barbara
Using clear and powerful graphical forms, Brazilian illustrator Bárbara Tamilin brings them to life with rich textures, atmospheric brush strokes and moody colours, creating an extraordinary visual language that is all her own. With her background in art direction, she’s able to quickly understand her client’s vision, flexibly adapting her approach to conjure up artwork with maximum appeal.
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Graphic design of woman reading book
Barbara's latest news
Without Taboos
Without Taboos
Bárbara Tamilin illustrates a new book on women's sexual health titled, 'My Body Without Taboos'.
Without Taboos
Clássicos do Brasil
Clássicos do Brasil
Working with FutureBrand, Bárbara Tamilin designs nostalgic packaging art for Nestlé Brazil.
Clássicos do Brasil
INSIDE OUT: Nestlé Moça x Bárbara Tamilin
INSIDE OUT: Nestlé Moça x Bárbara Tamilin
Garrick Webster reports on the iconic packaging illustrations by Bárbara Tamilin for Nestlé's classic desserts.
INSIDE OUT: Nestlé Moça x Bárbara Tamilin
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