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BoomArtwork - Netherlands based illustrator

Based in the Netherlands, BoomArtwork is the pseudonym of illustrator and lettering artist Eric van den Boom. Since childhood he’s been attracted to the pop culture art associated with album sleeves, t-shirts, skateboards and gig posters. It inspires his illustration and lettering work to this day.


Eric first took a multimedia design course, and after that went to art school to study illustration, graduating with honours. He’s worked as an in-house designer for a variety of companies in multimedia, graphic design, theme-park and event design, and fashion and textile design. He combines all the skills he's learned over the years and adds those to his illustration and lettering projects. If you're after a creative illustrator and lettering artist with a bag of experience, Eric might just be the guy you're looking for.


Eric likes to start his projects with quick rough thumbnail composition sketches to get the ideas out of his head and on paper. Then he moves on sketching digital as this gives him a lot of freedom to quickly experiment and endlessly try out things without destroying the original sketch. After the sketch is approved he moves on to inking the lines digitally and adding powerful colours and pattern work to make them pop off either page or screen.


The BoomArtwork style is characterised by strong line work, which is taken to another level by adding patterns and abstract details. With the colourful patterns he uses in some pieces, it’s been said that his images shimmer and move as though they’re being blown by a fan.

Client list

Ray Ban MTV Networks Netflix Warsteiner Rivella Subway Restaurants
From sketches through final art, Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is one-of-a-kind and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly unique and memorable illustration.
Ryan Olbrysh, Art Director @ Las Vegas Weekly
Working with Eric, was very easy. He caught our idea quickly and made great designs. We worked twice together and will certainly ask for new stuff.
Cedric Chauveau CEO, Kothai - France
I was already a big fan of Eric’s work before we had the chance to collaborate. I always loved his authentic style and eye for detail. Working with him was a blast. Eric knows how to translate ideas into unique and readable designs that have a clear signature. He somehow makes it look so easy. Also, he is a very nice guy to be around.
Sander Strick, creative director , Leisure Expert Group
I can absolutely say I had the privilege to work with Eric. The way he combines his craftsmanship, love for the art of printing and combines them with all the new digital methods and demands while keeping an eye on the deadline is a very rare and sought after combination. The icing on that cake is that Eric has a very easy going character and a sharp creative mind. He has the total package and skills to make him a go-to designer for a vast array of projects.
Frank Burghout - Art Director, Q-Dance - Amsterdam
We had a wonderful experience working with Eric on each step of the process of creating and delivering an image and colour design for our male and female t-shirts. He was an inspiration, very enthusiastic and extremely professional. Everyone comments on how beautiful our t-shirts are and that's a testament to his work. We look forward to the next opportunity we can work with Eric.
Justine Doswell, Preachers Son
Eric was a consummate pro to work with. He was patient and committed to the creative process, not to mention a super nice dude. I am very pleased with the results we achieved!
Roderick Johnson, Brand Arts - USA
Almost eight years ago we met. From that time on I totally trust in his vision and designing capacity. Because I truly believe he is as passionate about his work, as I am about my product. This ended up in this amazing sometimes magical relationship. Eric has the capacity to extract my thought and shape it into something more beautiful that is sometimes beyond my imagination.
Dr. No , DoNo-Effects
I stumbled upon Eric's art and was blown away by his designs. His work is so diverse and at the same time very consistent in terms of his unique style and approach. We got in touch and what a beautiful piece of classic rock and roll imagery he delivered. If the record bombs it has most certainly nothing to do with the artwork!
Nick Royale, Imperial State Electric
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