Gloomy Sunday' single cover design

About Butcher
Butcher Billy is a Brazilian illustrator who serves up a fresh slice of modern culture by splicing ideas, imagery, lyrics and moods together forming his own unique form of contemporary nostalgia. Juxtaposing everything from Wonder Woman and the Watchmen to Morrissey and Breaking Bad, his work is ironic, iconic and very postmodern.
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The 21 Holy Bible paintings by Butcher Billy are a blasphemous NFT series
The comic illustration of Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars
Black Mirror: USS Callister comic style album cover
Butcher's latest news
Leclerc Superheroes
Leclerc Superheroes
Butcher Billy creates comic style superherores for French supermarket Leclerc.
Leclerc Superheroes
Classics of Dystopia
Classics of Dystopia
Editora Aleph publish Classics of Dystopia with graphic art by Butcher Billy.
Classics of Dystopia
Butcher Billy is invited by The Buntin Group to collaborate on the new Declassified campaign for their client Servpro.
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