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Based in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Caribay M Benavides is an artist who thrives on joyous, lively artwork with a folksy hint of the surreal and plenty of big, bold colour. She illustrates in a style that’s highly individual and, no matter what the brief, clients enjoy the way she puts the emphasis on fun in her own, unique way.
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Eat Your Vegetables
Eat Your Vegetables
Caribay M. Benavides' bright and positive illustration is transformed into a puzzle.
Eat Your Vegetables
Oh LaLa
Oh LaLa
A 2022 calendar is created by Caribay M. Benavides for feminist magazine Oh LaLa.
Oh LaLa
Caribay M. Benavides'SCRAPBOOK!
Caribay M. Benavides'SCRAPBOOK!
We chat to Caribay M Benavides' in our next Interview with an Illustrator
Caribay M. Benavides'SCRAPBOOK!
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