Illustration for the album cover of Wolves in Business Suits

Wolves in Business Suits - Album Cover

Medium: Digital
Client: Properties of Nature

A really fun project inspired by the roller coaster building video games of the 90’s

About Carles
Wild and lurid cosmic surrealism grabs the viewer’s attention and won’t let go in the evocative artwork of the New York-based illustrator Carles García O’Dowd. With an imagination that knows no bounds, and every line meticulously drawn by hand, he uses his astounding talent to highlight the issues facing the modern world through vibrant, hard-hitting imagery.
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Carles's latest news
Back for the Future
Back for the Future
Carles Garcia O'Dowd is commissioned by Save the Med Foundation to support their mission to protect marine ecosystems in his homeland, the Balearic Islands.
Back for the Future
Viña Rock 2023
Viña Rock 2023
Carles Garcia O'Dowd's designs complete the overall look of Spain's legendary rock festival.
Viña Rock 2023
Political Spam Artists
Political Spam Artists
Carles Garcia O'Dowd illustrates for The Washington Post on political fundraising emails.
Political Spam Artists
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