Graffiti Illustration For The Deutschland 83 Ad

Deutschland '83 Campaign

Medium: Montage Mash-Up
Client: Channel 4, Sundance Film Festival, Walter Presents

deutschland 83, tv series, campaign, advertisement, east germany, west germany, berlin wall, travel illustration, wall, graffiti, urban, 80’s, soviet, communism,

About Chris
Based in Amsterdam, Chris Ede is a British illustrator whose edgy contemporary style brings together elements of urban culture, sport, food, music and more as he creates winning campaigns for leading global brands, and engaging imagery for a range of editorial, publishing and advertising clients.
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Chris Ede creates impactful art for a Miller Lite and NFL collaborative project.
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INSIDE OUT: The Deutschland 83 Promo Poster
INSIDE OUT: The Deutschland 83 Promo Poster
We go behind the scenes as illustrator Chris Ede works with 4creative to produce stunning 80s street art.
INSIDE OUT: The Deutschland 83 Promo Poster
The Lynx Axe Range
The Lynx Axe Range
The Lynx Axe Range
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