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Connect with Rogers

Client: Rogers

About Chris
Making people smile is what Yorkshire-based illustrator Chris Gilleard excels at, constantly creating quirky and colourful characters that get up to mischief in a variety of locations for his clients. Using the simplest shapes and a lively colour palette, he can find the fun in any theme, making it uplifting, informative and engaging to the viewer.
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Oral Health Characters design by Chris Gilleard
Chris's latest news
Migros Health
Migros Health
Chris Gilleard's amusing characters illustrate a feature on health in Switzerland's Migros Magazine.
Migros Health
Once Upon a Time Online
Once Upon a Time Online
Chris Gilleard illustrates for Internet provider Plusnet reimagining classic fairy-tales for their promotional campaign.
Once Upon a Time Online
Chris Gilleard for Sky
Chris Gilleard for Sky
Chris Gilleard's illustrated map for Sky Sport City
Chris Gilleard for Sky
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