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Daniel Oldenburg

Daniel Oldenburg - Brazil based illustrator

Digital illustrator Daniel Oldenburg is the master when it comes to creating dynamic fantasy and sci-fi characters. Whether they’re on posters, in animations or part of digital campaigns, the heroes and villains he draws leap out at you and make a big impact.
Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Daniel is an experienced artist with a strong eye for anatomy and a talent for finding unique poses, postures and expressions for his creations. His work ranges from character design to storyboards and from advertising to animation assets. Inspired by videogames like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Zelda, there’s a strong manga influence in his art, but Daniel also loves some of the greats of the fantasy and comic art world including Frank Frazetta, Jeff Dekal and Alex Garner. Clients love Daniel’s style, collaborative approach and dedication to delivering on time.


Even though he works on his iPad and computer, Daniel nevertheless mimics a traditional pencil-on-paper approach. He sketches thumbnails to establish the ideal composition, blocks in his lighting and shading values then builds up the colours, often using signature palettes to differentiate artworks and their lead characters.


Depending on the brief, Daniel can vary his style from line-led comic book-style art through to a fully shaded and rendered CG look. There’s a heroic quality to everything he produces.


Portuguese and English.

Client list

Daniel works for a range of studios including Miagui Imagevertising and Estúdio Pé Grande.
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