An Illustration of Manhattan skyline tower

Empire Building

Medium: Digital
Client: Milk X Magazine

New York Feature 2014 for Milk X magazine November 2014

About Decue
Decue Wu has clients in editorial, fashion and publishing who all love her illustration work for its bold style, bright colors, optimistic vibe and the intriguing way she combines patterns and textures. She gives every project a classic illustration feel, with the hand of the artist always present.
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Best Positions
Best Positions
Decue Wu illustrates for baby website The Bump.
Best Positions
Desert Island Make-Up
Desert Island Make-Up
Decue Wu's seascape art is used for a beauty products feature in Vogue Me.
Desert Island Make-Up
Barrier-Breaking Women
Barrier-Breaking Women
Decue Wu illustrates for a Real Simple & Women Behind the Wine collaboration to showcase the women who are breaking barriers in the wine industry.
Barrier-Breaking Women
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