Fashion Illustration for MICA ILP by Decue Wu

Memoir the 90s

Medium: Digital

Personal work - Illustration for MICA ILP program's MOCCA zine

About Decue
Decue Wu has clients in editorial, fashion and publishing who all love her illustration work for its bold style, bright colors, optimistic vibe and the intriguing way she combines patterns and textures. She gives every project a classic illustration feel, with the hand of the artist always present.
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Decue's latest news
The Future of Food
The Future of Food
Decue Wu creates two posters for the Chipotle Aluminaries Project on positive changes in the food industry.
The Future of Food
Fiercely Female 2019
Fiercely Female 2019
Decue Wu is invited to illustrate Fatima al-Fihri for the 2019 Fiercely Female Calendar.
Fiercely Female 2019
New Talent Profile - Decue Wu
New Talent Profile - Decue Wu
We welcome Boston based fashion & lifestyle illustrator Decue Wu!
New Talent Profile - Decue Wu
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