State-themed food art showcases U.S. diversity creatively

Eatin' in the USA

Medium: digital
Client: Phoenix Magazine

Working for the January issue of Phoenix Magazine, Dina Ruzha creates a series of 50 black-and-white fun food illustrations. One item represents each state in the U.S.

About Dina
The elegant swoosh of the calligrapher’s pen, the expressive swish of the artist’s brush – they come together in harmony in the work of the New York-based illustrator Dina Ruzha. Colourful and lively, with a hint of sophistication and a touch of the naïve, her work is ideal across publishing, editorial, children’s books and more.
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State Food
State Food
Dina Ruzha illustrates a culinary feature for January's Phoenix Magazine.
State Food
The Elizabeth Line
The Elizabeth Line
An attractive map of London Underground's newest line is visualised by Dina Ruzha.
The Elizabeth Line
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North to South
Pearson Education ask Dina Ruzha for a map illustration showing the main travel routes from London to Edinburgh.
North to South
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