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Ely Ely

Ely Ely - Mexico based illustrator

For vibrant, ebullient illustrations that capture lifestyle themes with a positive, feminine vibe, look no further than Mexican illustrator Ely Ely – AKA Melissa Sanchez Zuniga. From cartoony and sketchy through to clean, symmetrical graphic forms, she works in a range of styles, hitting the perfect notes for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands around the world.
Ely Ely is an artist who has built up an impressive client base via social media by sharing her colourful imagery. Her inspiration comes from travelling the world, drawing on the people, architecture, clothes and cultures she comes across for fresh ideas that help her evolve her style. Clients find her easy to work with and always punctual. Ely Ely trained at Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes in Mexico and Viña del Mar University in Chile. She credits the beautiful city of Valparaiso in Chile as one of the reasons she became an illustrator.


After sketching her concepts, Ely Ely digitises them in Adobe Illustrator then builds up colour and detail in her images, often using a palette inspired by her native Mexico.


While Ely Ely produces vector illustrations in a variety of styles, the illustrations she produces are always full of colour, cheerful and feminine. Nature is also an important theme for her.


Fluent in Spanish with written English.

Client list

Clients include Zara, Kipling, Maybelline, Clinique, Mary Kay, 7Eleven, Tous, Danone, Spotify and more.
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