Editorial cookery book cover

Cookery Book cover illustration "The flexible pescataria".

About Enya
A highly skilled watercolor practitioner, Enya Todd first caught the eye with her cordon bleu illustrations of delicious deserts and sweets. Now her sublime talents are being called on across lifestyle categories, with her smooth brushwork and soft palette evoking a light-hearted ambiance around delectable foods and drinks, gardens and nature, jewelry, décor and more.
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Enya's latest news
Ja! Naturlich
Ja! Naturlich
Sublime watercolour illustrations by Enya Todd are used on Ja! Naturlich's packaging.
Ja! Naturlich
A Cookbook for Girls
A Cookbook for Girls
Aimed at 8-12 year olds, Enya Todd illustrates a recipe book filled with flavoursome ideas to inspire the female baker.
A Cookbook for Girls
Summer Love
Summer Love
A perfect book for this season, 'Summer Fridays' with cover art by Enya Todd is released this month.
Summer Love
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