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Frank Neidhardt

Frank Neidhardt - 3D CGI photo realistic illustrator. Germany

The photorealist illustrator Frank Neidhardt is truly gifted when it comes to creating a unique sense of heightened reality for his clients. Each work may look like a normal photograph, but in every image Frank brings the impossible to life in a way that captures the imagination of the viewer.
Based in Paris, Frank began as an airbrush and acrylic illustrator but graduated to digital techniques with the advent of Photoshop. He learned his trade from experienced illustrators like Jochen Hein, developing his own individual working process and visual language. Highly experienced in the field, Frank is easy-going, takes genuine interest in his clients and their brands, and is a perfectionist in everything he does. He won’t stop working until an image is just right.


Frank’s images are all based on photography, but he approaches them with an illustrator’s eye. He casts, styles and directs his own photo shoots to capture all the elements he needs, bringing them together in Photoshop to create his more-real-than-real artworks. If there’s anything he can’t photograph, he uses his CGI skills and/or stock photography to fill the gap.


Working in a photorealistic style – influenced by artists like John Salt, Chuck Close and Don Eddy – Frank always wants viewers to ask, ‘How did they shoot that?’ For him, that’s what makes a successful image.

Client list

Frank has an extensive client list that includes Baileys, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Danone, Ferrero Rocher, Ford, Lancome, Lindt, Mercedes Benz, Michelin, Mövenpick, National Geographic, Pfizer, Renault, Sega, Volkswagen and more.
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