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Jacqueline Bissett

Jacqueline Bissett - International fashion illustrator. UK

Plumpton, East Sussex, UK
With an expertly contoured line and a few dashes of her brush, British artist Jacqueline Bissett captures the design of a garment and the essence of a collection in a seemingly effortless manner. However, this sublime skill has been built up through over 30 years in the industry, earning her position among the world’s leading fashion illustrators.
Since graduating from Epsom College of Art and Design in the 1980s, Jackie has been illustrating magazine articles, billboard advertising, book covers and jewellery brochures, with her work also appearing on scarves, handbags, bed linen, bathroom accessories and kitchenware. She has helped houses like Thomas Sabo to establish their brand identities, and today is a leading live illustrator working at events and ceremonies around the globe.


Jackie often uses photographic references when she does her sketching, bringing elements together to form her final composition. She takes photos everywhere she goes, for later use, and updates her palette according to what’s on the catwalk.


Jackie has two styles. Her watercolour style sees splashes of colour bled onto a wet page. Black lines are added to give the forms stronger definition, for a playful and quickly executed finish. Her second style is collage, using Letrafilm to transfer blocks of colour onto the page, building the illustration from shapes and lines and augmenting the image with Pantone pens.

Client list

Jackie’s clients include Givenchy, Escada, LVMH, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Thomas Sabo, Kurt Geiger, Louis Vuitton, The BAFTA Awards, Giorgio Armani, Lexus and more.
Timelapse video showing digital technique by Jacqueline Bissett
Timelapse video showing digital technique by Jacqueline Bissett
Timelapse video showing digital technique by Jacqueline Bissett
Milan Spring/Summer 19 reportage
iPad Pro using Procreate, linked to 2m high screen
Urban Test 2
test for Rotoscope animation with Uber digital
Test animation
With Uber Digital for Naia Eastman natural fibres
Naia Eastman natural fibres
Uber Digital Creatives, Rotoscope animation
Ralph Lauren Polo 4 day live event
iPad Pro using Procreate, linked to 2m high screen
Ralph Lauren
Ignite your wanderlust
Escape the daily grind and embark on a rejuvenating aromatherapy journey through the lush wetlands, night-blooming flowers and ancient
The Arch window for GPstudios
illustration on Arch window for London Fashion Week
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates bags for Westfield
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates shoes for Westfield
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates coats for Westfield
the Baftas
atelier Swarovski suite @ The Savoy Hotel
Minnie's Fashion Challenge with Jacqueline Bissett
The HTC One (M8) Fashion Illustration Project – Behind The Scenes
Every design starts with a sketch, and HTC smartphone design is no different. Working with one of the industry’s leading fashion illustrators, Jacqueline Bissett, we’ve quite literally, gone back to the drawing board to create the first ever illustrated fashion lookbook for a smartphone.
Interview with an Illustrator - Jacqueline Bissett
Jacqueline Bissett interviewed at Scrapbook Live, an event & exhibition hosted at London's ColArt Gallery.