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John Walsom

John Walsom - Architectural and Streetscapes Illustrator. UK

Traditionally painted architectural illustrations are a specialty of John Walsom, who uses his background in architecture and watercolor skills to produce works that are beautiful, accurate, and that evoke the exact mood his clients are after.
Inspired by painters like JMW Turner, Lucien Freud, Frederick Cuming and Ken Howard, John combines structural understanding with a deft use of light, color and texture to evoke the atmosphere, resulting in a client list that goes well beyond architectural practices and developers to include leading publishers and global brands. He has a BA in Architecture from the University of Sheffield and has practiced as an architect, architectural photographer and illustrator, as well as a scenic artist at the Crucible Theatre.


John’s more accurate illustrations are done in watercolor, while he uses acrylics or oils for more expressive pieces. He sets up perspective views on a drawing board in the traditional way and uses a range of stencils for ellipses and curves, working with pencils, brushes and paint.


Varying his style and media, John can lean towards greater realism or expressiveness according to the brief. He spends more time on the drawing than the painting, which is fairly loose and adventurous, with a rich color palette. He likes painting oils en plein air – working fast with the changing light.

Client list

John has been commissioned by clients including The University of Cambridge, Oxford University Press, Harrods, Royal Bank of Scotland, Historic Royal Palaces, Rolex, Andrew Winch Designs, Corbin & King, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph.
We have been working with John for a number of years and his talent and skill have been instrumental in securing comissions for us. His beautiful watercolours speak for themselves. His soft, flattering style makes buildings look appealing and attractive. John is able to work with a very sketchy brief and he is extremely good at filling gaps in design using creatively his intuition and his architectural background. John is a man of his word, he always delivers and has never let us down.
Chris Wieszczycki, Director TP Bennet
John is a great mixer of paint and professionalism.
Norman Bragg, RHWL Architects
John has produced several high quality perspectives for us over the past few years. He has always been extremely professional, has met some very tight deadlines, and has helped us significantly in obtaining clients' approval to our designs. We would certainly recommend him.
Brian Lightbody, Michael Laird Architects
This is just a quick note to say that the new drawing of the Assembly Rooms looks absolutely great - a beautiful piece of work. We have used it in a new piece of print and it has generated some very positive comments - so many thanks for doing it so quickly, it was just what we wanted.
Lesley Patrick, Opera North
John Walsom has consistently enabled Sheppard Robson to portray our designs to clients over a number of years. In addition his keeness to respond to tight time frames has been very beneficial to various projects.
Mark Dillon, Sheppard Robson
It was a pleasure to work with John. He contributed to the briefing process, responded quickly, kept to deadlines and produced two wonderful watercolour paintings of winery buildings which were used on the cover of our quarterly Wine List.
Katy Burton, The Wine Society
John has completed a large number of high quality illustrations for us. He has always responded quickly and kept to tight deadlines. He is able to contribute creatively to the briefing process and then to work with minimal design input from his client. His illustrations represent great value for us, in giving us the edge over the competition when presenting schemes to interested third parties, and winning land bids.
Paul Vallone, Berkeley Homes (Central London)
I have known John for many years and have enjoyed having him on our team. Winning work through his superlative artistic illustrations which have set such a high standard to our work which our clients and team colleagues all appreciate. Having John's artwork on our schemes sets the seal on having the best opportunity to win in a competitive pitch situation. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality visualisations.
Neil Morris, TP Bennett and Engle
Thank you for all your hard work and I really am hoping we can sway the client our way on this. It looks lovely. Exactly as I envisaged it and then some.
Chris Beckles, J Walter Thompson
John's beautiful renderings perfectly capture the emotion and atmosphere of our interiors. His calm approach and thorough process result in totally accurate interpretations of our brief. We enjoy his reliable and friendly way of working and above all his willingness to accommodate the last minute tweaks that always creep in.
Oliver Stirling, Andrew Winch Designs
John Walsom has produced a great many illustrations to a consistently high standard for us over the past five years, which have helped us enormously in securing Planning Approvals and Executive sign-off for our designs. He has a very professional approach to his work, and has always met his deadlines. We would be very happy to recommend him.
Steve Maguire, Royal Bank of Scotland
One of John's many skills is taking very preliminary architectural information and presenting it in a way that makes it attractive, appropriate and believable. His work at Aylesbury Waterside for Crest Nicholson was fantastic and delivered significant praise from both Borough Councillors and members of the public. Well done.
Bruce McArthur, Crest Nicholson Developments
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