Art work of woman in Library

Medium: Vector
Client: Be Magazine

One Year After... I Discovered I Had A Brother

About Joseph
The simple, impactful style of 1960s comic art is Philadelphia artist Joseph McDermott’s specialty, and using his experience and imagination he always finds ways of making the aesthetic relevant to his client’s brief. Little touches like the ink dot patterns and distressed paper textures add to the authenticity of his creations.
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Joseph's latest news
The Nescafe Revolution
The Nescafe Revolution
Currently appearing in France's Cuisine Revolution is Joseph McDermott's punchy ad for Nescafe.
The Nescafe Revolution
Bakery Lorraine
Bakery Lorraine
Joseph McDermott designs retro T-shirts for Texan-based Bakery Lorraine.
Bakery Lorraine
Perfume House
Perfume House
Joseph McDermott produces some sensual Pop Art for French perfume house J.U.S.
Perfume House
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