Accupressure' from 'The Baby-Making Bible' by Emma Cannon

Acupressure 1

Medium: Graphite and digital washes
Client: Pan Macmillan

'Accupressure' from 'The Baby-Making Bible' by Emma Cannon, Rodale (imprint of Pan Macmillan) 2010

About Juliet
Juliet has first class degrees in Physiology from Edinburgh University, and Illustration from Falmouth College of Arts. Working from her studio in Durham, she is a medical and scientific illustrator who, in addition to communicating information precisely through her imagery, brings an individual and creative touch to every client’s project. Combining the anatomical knowledge she has from her training in physiology with a prodigious creative talent honed at Falmouth College of Arts, she offers a warmer aesthetic to what might otherwise be quite cold and clinical artwork.
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Juliet's latest news
New Talent - Juliet Percival
New Talent - Juliet Percival
New Talent - Juliet Percival
Juliet Percival's SCRAPBOOK
Juliet Percival's SCRAPBOOK
Juliet's Scrapbook is live!
Juliet Percival's SCRAPBOOK
Protein Research
Protein Research
Copenhagen University commission Juliet Percival for drawings to illustrate their protein research documents.
Protein Research
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