Confectionery icon illustrated by Katharine Asher

Confectionery icon

About Katharine
Using a dynamic combination of color and the ‘inspired mark’, Katharine Asher’s fluid brushwork and creative flare help secure commissions from clients around the globe, in a wide range of sectors. While she specializes in fashion and beauty, Katherine enjoys tackling a wide variety of briefs, applying her expertise, energy and elegance of line.
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Katharine's latest news
Cosmetic Enhancements
Cosmetic Enhancements
Katharine Asher sensitively paints the naked form for a cosmetic surgeon in Germany.
Cosmetic Enhancements
Discover Your Dreams
Discover Your Dreams
The latest Art Edition of ​Lazin Magazine featuring work by Katharine Asher promises that you'll 'discover your dreams' within its colourful pages.
Discover Your Dreams
Bridal Cosmetics
Bridal Cosmetics
Katharine Asher paints a fluid portrait for a beauty salon chain in Dubai.
Bridal Cosmetics
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