Line art of women's shoes

Book cover

Medium: Mixed media
Client: L'Altra Editorial

book cover illustration

About Kavel
With a natural and contemporary style, English illustrator Kavel Rafferty skilfully combines drawings, found imagery, print and paint to create images that connect with audiences at an emotional level. In editorial, publishing, advertising and more, Kavel’s clients enjoy the fresh and individual qualities of her work.
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Kavel's latest news
Kavel Rafferty delights us with her vintage postcard for Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
Sport, Food & Ramadan
Sport, Food & Ramadan
FIFA Weekly ask Kavel Rafferty for two artworks illustrating football and fasting.
Sport, Food & Ramadan
The State of Wine
The State of Wine
Kavel Rafferty builds a collection of US state postcards for a monthly Wine Enthusiast feature.
The State of Wine
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