Silhouette of boy with scooter, trainers, helmet hat and watch

Future Fashions

Medium: Pencil, Digital Colour
Client: Arte

Future Fashions: Silhouette of boy with scooter, trainers, helmet hat and watch accessories

About Lauren
London artist Lauren Mortimer uses her outstanding skills with the mechanical pencil to create incredibly realistic illustrations, but with a deft conceptual twist turns them into something softly surreal. The result is a highly individual style, which helps her clients’ projects stand out from the rest with their own unique atmosphere.
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Lauren's latest news
A Nutcracker Band
A Nutcracker Band
Lauren Mortimer illustrates for a Guy Degrenne advertising campaign.
A Nutcracker Band
Illustrating a feature in Stanford Magazine on Sicilian suits, Lauren Mortimer draws tailoring themed artworks.
Artists of the Future
Artists of the Future
Lauren Mortimer shows four original artworks at the Degree Art Gallery.
Artists of the Future
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