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Lee Montgomery

Lee Montgomery - Realistic digital illustrator. UK

Based in Bath, Lee Montgomery is an experienced digital illustrator and animator whose precise approach and attention to detail make him the go-to artist for clients in medicine, advertising, publishing, packaging and design. Whether he’s creating instructional graphics using vectors or realistic digital paintings, Lee’s passion for art and ability to get to the heart of a concept are what make him so effective.
Lee originally trained as a technical illustrator, learning how to draw cutaway engines and exploded gearboxes in perspective, using precise black lines. His courses also covered natural history and medical illustration. After two years at Portsmouth College of Art he did two more at Cornwall Technical College in Redruth and despite his technical foundations has always been drawn to realistic painting styles.


After working traditionally in watercolor for 16 years, Lee adopted digital technology and today uses Photoshop and Illustrator to create his images. Digital tools have brought a lot more flexibility to his process, enabling him to experiment in different styles and to put his images in motion as an animator.


Lee’s style will vary according to the brief, but his images are precise and realistic, often with lively color and an individual feel to them. He works in two main styles – his digital paintings are reminiscent of gouache or oils, while his vector images are closer to airbrushed technical drawings.

Client list

Lee has worked for a range of clients including Dupont, Fitch, ICI, Priddy Books, Rizzoli Publishing, National Geographic and Bayer AG.
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