Poster for Steve Cohen's magician show illustration

Steve Cohen The Magician from New York

Medium: Watercolor on paper
Client: Steve Cohen, New York

The Illustration for the Poster for Steve Cohen's Magician Show

About Lev
For artwork that tells a convincing story filled with an enchanting sense of wonder, the Ukrainian-born illustrator Lev Kaplan should come at the top of your list. Each beautiful piece combines incredible realism through its fine detail, but blows you away with its light and magical touch.
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Lev's latest news
The Book
The Book
Lev Kaplan works on a highly exciting book - The Ultimate Guide To Rebuilding A Civilization.
The Book
Milarex Salmon
Milarex Salmon
Italian company Milarex entrust Lev Kaplan with the packaging illustrations for their salmon produce sourced from five different countries.
Milarex Salmon
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
We interview Ukrainian born illustrator Lev Kaplan to find out a little more about his working methods and inspirations.
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
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