Cigar, Portraits

Cigar Revolution

Medium: Watercolor on paper
Client: Florian Schwab

Illustration for the web blog of cigar lovers

About Lev
For artwork that tells a convincing story filled with an enchanting sense of wonder, the Ukrainian-born illustrator Lev Kaplan should come at the top of your list. Each beautiful piece combines incredible realism through its fine detail, but blows you away with its light and magical touch.
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Lev's latest news
Animal Rights, Human Wrongs
Animal Rights, Human Wrongs
Lev Kaplan produces an epic illustration for PETA on the theme of bull riding.
Animal Rights, Human Wrongs
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
We interview Ukrainian born illustrator Lev Kaplan to find out a little more about his working methods and inspirations.
Lev Kaplan's SCRAPBOOK
Frischmann's Story
Frischmann's Story
German IT and Creative Consultancy develop a flyer using the illustrations of Lev Kaplan.
Frischmann's Story
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