Delicious ice-cream sundae surrounded by eye watering candy and psychedelic patterns

Sundae Vibes

Medium: Digital
Client: Personal

My dream sundae - completely gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, preservative-free but NEVER taste-free.

About Lively
For bold and graphic illustrations with an organic and tactile feel, look no further than Lively Scout, the Australia-based artist whose work is true to her name. Here’s a visual language that’s vivacious, adventurous and groovy. There’s no better way to catch the eye, spark the imagination and take viewers on a journey.
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Lively's latest news
A decorative portrait of Joni Mitchell is created by Lively Scout for the inspiring book, Rebel Girls Rock.
Ways to Thrive
Ways to Thrive
A spectacular array of illustrations are produced by Lively Scout for a LA Times feature on ways to thrive in 2022.
Ways to Thrive
Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
We join Lively Scout in Australia for our next Interview with an Illustrator.
Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
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