Orange, gold and purple sunset with psychedelic ripples over the water

Sunset over Byron

Medium: Digital, Print
Client: LivelyScout

Graphic illustration of the sunset over Byron Bay for a printed tapestry.

About Lively
For bold and graphic illustrations with an organic and tactile feel, look no further than Lively Scout, the Australia-based artist whose work is true to her name. Here’s a visual language that’s vivacious, adventurous and groovy. There’s no better way to catch the eye, spark the imagination and take viewers on a journey.
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Lively's latest news
Behind Every Great Aussie Indie
Behind Every Great Aussie Indie
A campaign by the Independent Brewers Association in Australia calls on the talents of Lively Scout.
Behind Every Great Aussie Indie
Coffee Beer
Coffee Beer
Lively Scout creates the packaging art for Avant-Garde's new Salé Ton Café beer.
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Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
We join Lively Scout in Australia for our next Interview with an Illustrator.
Lively Scout's SCRAPBOOK
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