Illustration about invest their retirement money into green products

Liberty Green

Medium: Digital
Client: Liberty Green

Liberty Green is an investment company that is launching the first Green Fund for retirement money. People will be able to invest their retirement money into green products. I was invited to create some illustrations for their website to explain more clearly their proposal. Besides working for a project with great green values, I was also really happy with how the client trusted me and gave me a lot of freedom for this project.

About Luiza
Welcome to the tranquil and beautiful creative universe of Brazilian illustrator Luiza Laffitte. Now based in Nantes, France, Luiza invites viewers into intriguing scenes that are calm and refreshing, where the natural world flourishes alongside her exuberant visual poetry.
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Luiza's latest news
Drawing Helps
Drawing Helps
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Drawing Helps
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For the Children
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