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Tastillery RUM

Medium: Digital
Client: Tastillery

Five alcohol themed advent calendars are handsomely illustrated by Luiza Laffitte for Tastillery. Luiza worked with Parisian agency Millecent on the project which involved her creating packaging illustrations for calendars containing 24 taste bottles of Gin, Whisky, Rum, Scotch and World Spirits. Luiza adds, "To represent each drink, we focused on a main theme and color, each box has a unique universe and feeling. We also focused on making something amusing, each box has a lot of fun and crazy details.

About Luiza
Welcome to the tranquil and beautiful creative universe of Brazilian illustrator Luiza Laffitte. Now based in Nantes, France, Luiza invites viewers into intriguing scenes that are calm and refreshing, where the natural world flourishes alongside her exuberant visual poetry.
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