Cat with a pumpkin head


Medium: Pencil
Client: Personal work

Cat with a pumpkin head.

About Marieke
Marieke Nelissen creates wonderfully intricate artwork that transports us back to the Golden Age of illustration. Her meticulous, hand-painted approach takes time and dedication, but the results are more than worth it. Whether she’s illustrating children’s books or commercial imagery, every painting draws you right into the scene and story.
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Marieke's latest news
Stories of the Fladdertak
Stories of the Fladdertak
A beautiful collection of tales about trees, initiated and illustrated by Marieke Nelissen is out this Spring.
Stories of the Fladdertak
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga
A seasonal animated ecard for Jacquie Lawson is illustrated atmospherically by Marieke Nelissen.
Baba Yaga
An Award for Marieke!
An Award for Marieke!
Marieke Nelissen is honoured to learn of an award for the illustrated children's book Beestachtige Buren.
An Award for Marieke!
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