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Clean, clear and impactful graphic illustrations are the forte of the Lincolnshire based artist Mark Watkinson. It’s fair to say that Mark’s early interest in mechanics shows through in his imagery, but also that he made the right choice pursuing a career in art. He’s been a successful freelance illustrator since the early 80s, when he graduated in Graphic Design from the Lincoln College of Art. Influences include Gavin MacLeod and Mick Brownfield.
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Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
Mark's style is graphic with strong lines, he loves to keep his work clean, clear and simple.
Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
What Time's Dinner?
What Time's Dinner?
Mark Watkinson works for The Independent on Sunday's New Review on these illustrations showing food through the decades.
What Time's Dinner?
Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
Illustrator Profile - Mark Watkinson
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