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Matt Hollings In Colour

Matt Hollings In Colour - International lifestyle illustrator. Manchester

Based in Manchester, Matthew Hollings is an illustrator known for his excellent portraiture and lifestyle imagery. Strong line work, expressive brush strokes, mark-making and a little splatter here and there ensure the hand of the artist is present in Matthew’s images, while his accuracy with form and detail instantly engages viewers.
The creative bug bit Matthew at a young age. One of his friends had a father who was a cartoonist and Matthew loved visiting his studio and gazing at the racks of marker pens, watercolours, prints and old Association of Illustrators contact books. He attended Camberwell College of the Arts, completing a BA in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration during his final year.


Most images begin with hand drawings, in pencil or ink. The initial sketch is scanned in, coloured and composed on a computer. Matthew likes to make sure the human element shines through in his work not just with his hand-drafted outlines, but via the strokes and splats he applies along the way.


Strong line work is filled in with subtle – sometimes bright – digital colouring for a lively contemporary feel. Brush strokes and ink drops add flourishes of texture and lend an unexpected aspect to Matthew’s work.

Client list

Some of Matthew’s clients include The Guardian, Q Magazine, The Big Issue, The Sunday Times, Royal Mail, Wilkinson Sword and BBC Focus magazine.
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