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Maurice Baltissen

Maurice Baltissen - 3d animator. Netherlands

From zany cartoon characters through to clinically rendered futuristic scenes, Maurice Baltissen is a 3D specialist whose aim is to deliver the perfect animation and illustration content for his clients. He’s inspired by tackling a diversity of projects, with each new brief triggering his creativity and spurring him on to break new ground visually, and to reach new heights in terms of quality.
Based in The Netherlands, Maurice covers a whole range of services including art direction, animation, CGI illustration, production, character design, motion design and product visualisation, using a wide variety of media and styles. He’s flexible, creative, deadline-focused and will make your project his number one priority until it’s signed off.


Design work is tackled quickly and efficiently, with sketches being done literally in 3D using Cinema 4D, where illustrations and animations are developed until they are complete. Other software includes Substance, Marvellous Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator and the render package Octane.


A wide spectrum of creative styles is featured in Maurice’s portfolio, with his favourite work taking on a futuristic look and feel, featuring robots, cars and motorcycles. Cartoony characters are a key specialism.


2019 – Lurzers Archive – Number one digital artist, worldwide

Client list

Maurice has clients including Vodafone, Samsung, Red Bull, Nivea, Spinnin’ Records, Heineken, Steam and Deutsche Bank.
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