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May van Millingen

May van Millingen - Line & Lifestyle illustrator

With her strong, line-based style, London-based artist May Van Millingen gets through a lot of Pilot 0.4 Fineliners! That’s because she’s always in demand, her hand-drawn approach making products and concepts interesting and approachable for leading brands in retail, publishing, fashion and more.
May's unique, detailed work has strong historical references and is applied in advertising, print, online, packaging, interiors projects and more. With a background in designing and illustrating textile prints, she’s a specialist when it comes to drawing collections of items and creating patterns. From dogs to burgers, and from insects to shoes, each set of images is something to marvel at. She also exhibits her personal work in galleries around London.


May combines hand drawing with digital processes, and uses ink, pencil and watercolors to create her work. Her process usually combines mark-making, strong graphic lines, crosshatched shading and a bold use of color.


Colorful, observational and diverse, May’s work always has just the right amount of detail to entice the viewer, but never so much that it overwhelms the message or atmosphere she’s conveying. Among other things, her style has been influenced by old botanical and scientific drawings.

Client list

May’s clients include Nike, Topshop, The Washington Post, Uniqlo, Michael Kors, Kettle Chips, Condé Nast, Marks & Spencer, Time Out and more.
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