"Trout's and Dipper" album cover design

Trout's and Dipper Album

"Trouts and Dipper" album cover art

About Mayuko
Mayuko Fujino is a stencil artist and birder from Japan based in Upstate New York. Mayuko's illustration expresses joy inspired by birds, nature spots, historic sites, and country life. Her goal is to connect with nature lovers and support environmental conservation works through her art. Inspired by traditional Japanese stencil textiles, she has been practicing art since 1999.
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Mayuko's latest news
The Brigitte Zodiac
The Brigitte Zodiac
Mayuko Fujino uses her paper cut-out skills for 12 horoscope illustrations.
The Brigitte Zodiac
Mayuko Fujino illustrates the cover and inside illustrations for Swarthmore College Bulletin on a theme of hope.
Eco Artist
Eco Artist
Mayuko Fujino is interviewed by Natural Earth Paint for their Eco Artist of the Month series.
Eco Artist
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