Digital art of submarine underwater adventure

Underwater Adventure

Medium: Photoshop

Young Diver on an underwater adventure. Submarine in the background. Underwater plants and fish.

About Michael
Character design, comics, editorial, storyboarding, advertising and branding – German illustrator Michael Mantel is a versatile artist who feels at home with just about any brief. Working in a loose, languid and expressive style, the joy he experiences when drawing often shines through in his art, which has a happy sense of creativity to it. His clients find him reliable, amenable and able to meet just about any request.
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Michael's latest news
Michael Mantel illustrates the cover for Marietta College Magazine.
Michael Mantel's SCRAPBOOK
Michael Mantel's SCRAPBOOK
We talk to Michael Mantel for our latest Interview with an Illustrator.
Michael Mantel's SCRAPBOOK
Never Trust a Raven
Never Trust a Raven
Michael Mantel illustrates a children's book dealing with the issue of fake news.
Never Trust a Raven
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