The Dress-Up Box Book Cover Art

The Dress-Up Box - Picture Book

Medium: Acrylic and digital media
Client: Little Hare Publishing

Cover for the picture book - The Dress-Up Box

About Nathaniel
The ability to visualize gentle realms of fun and adventure has made Nathaniel Eckstrom one of Australia’s leading children’s illustrators, capable of taking his clients’ concepts and turning them into something imaginative, quirky and eye-catching.
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Nathaniel's latest news
Remarkable Remy
Remarkable Remy
Nathaniel Eckstrom illustrates a warm and optimistic story that helps to explain the Autistic brain.
Remarkable Remy
A hilarious children's picture book illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom is released in Australia.
Bird on a Wire
Bird on a Wire
Nathaniel Eckstrom's latest book is due to be released in January
Bird on a Wire
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